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Samika Tara

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ui/ux designer
Let’s talk now!
Visual Design
Graphic Design
Front-End Development
Skills/Interests: Bilingual (Hindi), Startup Mentor, World Traveler, Dancer,
MasterChef Lover

Design/Video: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch, Premiere Pro, Figma, Shopify, Canva, Xcode, After Effects

Project Management: Notion, Slack, Asana, Trello, Monday, Tableau, SQL, Oracle Database, Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite 

Social Media/Advertising: Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Hootsuite, Buffer, Mailchimp

About Me

My biggest passion has always been to enable positive experiences through design. I love gaining knowledge from different industries and applying them to new sectors. Combining my expertise in Operations & Strategy and my skills in Branding & UI/UX has always enabled me to go above and beyond my initial role. 

My goal is to push the design limits for the brightest new startups through impactful product design and user interface. My hands-on approach is comprehensively integrated within all departments to ensure that the company as a whole maintains cohesive brand identity. I’m looking to expand the traditional boundaries of design by creating unique digital experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Oracle | Senior Business Development Consultant
Aug 2021 – Present
  • Consult, research and engage with Fortune 500 clients to develop cloud integration pipelines for their products
  • Exceed metrics every quarter and chosen as Q1FY23 MVP Commercial Volume (175% program execution, 150% progression)
  • Head Oracle for Startups (LA division) and presented at StartUp Grind to aid founders implementing cloud tech solutions at ease
  • Design sales decks for Oracle’s biggest clients; Securing opportunities from C-Suite executives for Analytics, Integration, and AI
  • Selected as team lead to manage and launch new strategies for Fortune 500 clients (Office Depot, Sysco, Hertz, Marriott, etc)
CARBONLINK | Fullstack Designer
April 2022– Sept 2022
  • Led product launch and developed all branding elements including webapp, marketing, website, and product design 
  • Iterated intuitive end-to-end user experience through journey maps and deployed test concepts based on data analysis 
  • Prototyped 25 screens and layouts for user testing which enhanced previous wireframes and product roadmap
  • Designed a user-centered experience and mobile responsiveness to easily communicate implementation with dev team
  • Analyzed and optimized workflows for all front-end and added new features after user research and usability testing feedback
CareCognitics | pRODUCT Designer
Dec 2019 – Aug 2021
  • Built wireframes, user flows, and high-fidelity UI design prototypes for 4 of their core products along with their mobile app
  • Conducted UI/UX Design Sessions with current customers to develop new branding: logo, color scheme, assets, and font
  • Engaged in prospective customer discovery and initial beta testing to improve current versions of their product
  • Used Scrum & Agile methodologies to create business model, marketing plan, P&L statement, inventory, and pitch deck
  • Enhanced previous design systems for new website, redid messaging, and added features for web app based on user feedback
Chick-fil-A | Marketing Director
April 2019 – Aug 2021
  • Positioned brand messaging across all departments to ensure consistent communication with all senior leadership
  • Devised franchise's vision and goals through social media, elevating the customer experience and decreasing acquisition cost
  • Implemented a CRM loyalty program with a better UI to raise purchase rates and catering by 18% after analyzing site heatmap
  • Strategized and designed promotions and campaigns that increased sales for three lowest-selling items by over ~20% each


TroyLabs | President
 Oct 2018 – Aug 2021
  • Managed 100+ students to ensure strong communication, consistent goals, and task management between 5 divisions
  • Focused on UI/UX of employment pipeline with Blackstone Launchpad to connect USC students with 1000+ job opportunities
  • Consulted and led workshops for startups on intuitive design, increasing user retention, and investor deck development
  • Directed marketing campaigns, increased and solidified sponsorships by 25% for Demo, USC's largest startup exhibition
  • Launched an evergreen Venture Fund, 4 Hackathons, and 3 accelerator programs for founders to refine products for investments
Female Quotient | Executive Board Member
Dec 2018 – Aug 2022
  • Recruited influential next generation leaders by motivating and inspiring young female talent to propel career pathing
  • Secured partnerships, planned event timelines, and created marketing campaigns to attract new audience demographic
  • Organized networking sessions, mentorship opportunities, and workshops to promote diversity and equality in organizations   
  • Hosted and moderated a female empowerment panel with top influencers to discuss confidence, growth, and public speaking


University of Southern California,
Marshall School of Business - MAY 2021

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration
Dean’s List, First Place at Spalding & HYPE  Hackathon
Marshall GPA: 3.8
Relevant Coursework: Sales, Business Organization, Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Disruptive Innovation