The Challenge

I was approached by FWB to break the barriers of traditional scientific websites and create a new way to explain carbon offsetting to businesses and organizations. Their challenge was that other brands were explaining environmental issues in complex ways. This left users disengaged and more puzzled than when they started.

The founders’ background in music helped form their tone for FWB as they wanted to create the ultimate experience. They wanted me to develop the branding from scratch to fully customized the website to the mission they were trying to convey. In essence, bringing their vision to life.


UI/UX Development

Explore Pages !

A responsive layout for mobile users.


with Love

Who We Be

What We Do




Marketing Assets

Social Media Banners

Multiple designs created to constantly update Twitter and LinkedIn banners

Partnership Deck

Created individualized decks to
attract new clients and drive sales.

Information Doc

Attached to every email about the mission and brand of FWB


brand style guide


 Partnering with the Getty, our decision was to select the most well-known icons that have left their mark on the world. In order to match FWB's call to action, I used the black-and-white motif and added a striking red accent to emphasize the urgency.

Brand Identity

For FWB, one of the most crucial elements was making sure to inform their audience about the significance of doing their part to save the environment. I wanted to ensure that their values are easily communicated to their target audience. Like with all of my customers, I start by securing the messaging before integrating their core brand into the design.

font Selection

Knowing that certain emotions can be evoked by typography, I wanted the FWBs to set the mood by compelling the audience to read and experience an editorial journey. Grischel permitted me to do this, ensuring that the headings and title are distinctive, loud, and eye-catching. In order to contrast the boldness, I added HK Grotesk which is easy on the eye and will allow the reader to skim through the page seamlessly.


Instantly, I knew that I wanted to create a look and feel that uses entertainment to inform its customers about the importance of global warming.  The black and white period, which featured some of the greatest icons of the time, served as my inspiration. However, I wanted to add a splash of red throughout the brand to emphasize the importance of how pressing environmental issues currently are.

Throughout the website, I incorporated an editorial format to emphasize several aspects and make environmental issues easier to digest. Through various methods, I created custom pages that allowed each topic to stand on its own and be filled with engaging language throughout. What set this apart was the story that the website was telling through several animations, elements, and assets added throughout the user journey. After setting up their branding and website, FWB rehired me again to dive deeper into the brand and create marketing materials such as one-pagers, social posts, and their company deck. This allowed me to create elements from a different approach as each one was tailored to its end users.