Purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions

The Challenge

CarbonLink is a company that offers users the opportunity to purchase carbon credits in order to offset carbon emissions. Their primary challenge, however, was that the current web app interface was not easy to use and understand, making it difficult for them to attract and retain customers.

CarbonLink’s goal was to create a better experience and transparently showcase the environmental impact they were making. They approached me to redo their branding and website while having me build a new product interface that proves to be considerably more user-friendly and visually engaging.


Web App UI/UX

Web App Design

Built wireframes, user flows and high fidelity UI design for over 25 pages.

Product Cards

Designed responsive card
layouts for vendors


Web Design & Development


Marketing Assets

Banner Images

Used throughout marketing campaigns, emails, and social media.


brand style guide


CarbonLink wanted to display pictures that showcased the wonders of Earth. Using images of the different natural elements, we helped customers learn more about the different ways to offset carbon emissions through beautiful photography.

brand Identity

CarbonLink's focus was to ensure that the future generation recognized the significance of their contribution to environmental preservation. In order to adapt to the Millennial and Gen Z trends, I created messaging that was easily relatable to them and had a more action-oriented tone. I work closely with each of my clients to first establish their key messaging to implement their core identity into their designs.

font Selection

Most of the competitors I looked at had complex fonts, leading to confusing messaging and not the best user experience. I decided to go with a font that was clean and striking. I felt that manrope complimented CarbonLink's messaging and would have the best tone for their customers. It also is perfect for interface design that contains a lot of numerical data. 


My focus was on helping CarbonLink stand out in a highly competitive market. After conducting extensive research, I identified several key areas where I could create a seamless customer experience that would exceed their expectations. My goal was to focus on the customer's need for simplicity and transparency. I developed a set of branding guidelines that helped establish a clear and consistent visual identity to give the interface a sleek and modern design. I focused on streamlining the purchase process so that it was quick and easy for users to offset their carbon emissions. 

In addition, I integrated interactive elements throughout the web app to help engage and educate users through each decision. For example, having the ability to easily access more information and always having graphs explaining data trends. Finally, I created a series of marketing materials that helped CarbonLink reach a wider audience and build awareness of the company's mission. By clearly communicating the environmental impact of every purchase, CarbonLink was able to forge a connection with their customers that went beyond simply offsetting emissions.