Web App to help facilitate outdoor experiences

The Challenge

I was hired by WilderGuide, a two-sided marketplace to encourage outdoor activities. The founder wanted me to guide him in bringing the company to life. He came to me with a simple sketch of what his concept for this product was. I worked with the founder throughout to really comprehend the company's mission and take him through the right steps.

By enabling families to make lasting memories in the wilderness, he hoped to fill the gap in this market. So before raising, it was up to me to start building the prototype and assist him in executing his vision.


Web App UI/UX

Explore Pages !

A responsive layout for mobile users.




Onboarding Interface

Built wireframes, user flows and high fidelity UI design for over 22 pages.


Marketing Assets

Banner Design

Devised brand's vision, elevating
the customer experience and decreasing acquisition cost


brand style guide


The images selected for WilderGuide urged a desire of adventure and beauty of the outdoors. I chose very action-oriented pictures that had a calming element as I wanted users to experience a sense of exploration.

brand Identity

WilderGuide seeks to encourage new family memories through outdoor activities. Their intention was to eliminate technology and other advancements that frequently take our attention away from the natural beauty of nature. I wanted to convey the founders’ enthusiasm throughout the messaging.  I aimed for this product to have a sense of accessibility and convenience for all. Like all my clients, I first identify their core values to then create their visual identity.

font Selection

Poppins provided us with a lighthearted tone, making it the perfect typography choice for WilderGuide. This clean and stylish font allowed users to easily read every word and avoid getting lost in the design. I was able to consistently use this font throughout the design as I loved the font's wide range of readability. This minimalistic font sparked a certain charm throughout the webapp.


While the product needed to be interactive and user-friendly, I wanted the WilderGuide brand to exude a sense of adventure and excitement.  This laid the foundation and directed the webapp's user interface. During the wireframing, I focused on functionality and all the features WilderGuide aimed at providing. Thus, leading to adjustments in the design and highlight ingthe important elements. Then I produced a number of mockups for this webapp to simplify the components.

From there, I iterated each element's appearance, including the product cards, maps, filtering, etc. In order to avoid overwhelming the customer with a ton of information, I wanted to emphasize and concentrate on the experience the customer had. After that, I prototyped this for a complete demo and made sure to demonstrate responsiveness on all devices.