First NFT membership collection based on the music industry

The Challenge

 Infinity is a French NFT company that wanted me to create a visual identity that disrupts the traditional clubbing industry. They sought to differentiate themselves from the current NFT Marketplace as the first NFT membership collection based on the music industry in private events.

To be able to pitch to the biggest clubs and DJs around the world, such as DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta, they needed me to build a luxurious brand that highlighted their strengths.


UI/UX Development

Responsive Design

Created user-centered design experiences and adapted responsiveness to easily communicate implementation
with dev team

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A responsive layout for mobile users.


with Love

Who We Be

What We Do




Marketing Assets

Partnership Deck

Created individualized decks to attract new DJ's and clubs before NFT Launch.

Twitter Banners

Led brand positioning and
designed marketing campaigns


brand style guide


Given that Infinity, NFT is a high-end brand, I chose images to reflect that. I chose an elegant and serene to encourage customers to jump right into these unforgettable experiences and make beautiful memories with this NFT.

brand Identity

 Infinity NFT approached me with the goal of revolutionizing the entire sector and developing an experiential design that would generate extraordinary experiences. I had to make sure their messaging was inviting and didn't come across as inaccessible. I conveyed the excitement and energy of the founders securing some of the biggest DJs and the hottest nightclubs. In order to help them with securing partnerships, I worked to define the messaging before incorporating their core identity into the design.

font Selection

The typography was designed with an eye toward elegance. Ironically even in the name itself, the Luxury font evoked that exact emotion. The Inter font was chosen as the complementary font because of how beautifully it was designed for computer screens and for easy readability.



My focus was to convey a luxurious feel showcasing how this pass will create lifelong memories. By doing so, this would allow Infinity to differentiate itself from the market by conveying this company's innovation. I created a style that matched the vibrancy of the clubs and sponsors they were aspiring to reach. This allowed them to demonstrate their credibility and industry expertise. But, in order to keep their own brand presence and reach their target audience, I added 3D assets that were entertaining and relatable. After presenting this to the founders, they wanted these icons to play a significant role in their identity.

Once successfully secured the DJs, clubs, and sponsors they wanted, they rehired me to create social assets as well as video teasers to launch the product. I wanted to further elevate the brand and add some animation and movement and direct the vision of the NFT’s. I developed a solid brand manual, assets, and social media templates that they can use going forward.