Applying Casino Loyalty to Healthcare

The Challenge

CareCognitics is a cutting-edge healthcare company that uses casino practices to innovate their industry. They hired me to develop a style that would reflect their medical technology background while incorporating the gaming aspects of their business. They wanted a well-designed brand that could convey trustworthiness, competence, and reliability - three qualities that are crucial when patients make decisions about their medical providers.

In an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape, an effective brand can be the difference between success and failure, which is why they wanted to create a distinctive brand that showcased their mission of advancing healthcare.


UI/UX Development

Web App Design

Built wireframes, user flows and high fidelity UI design for  4 core products

Product Design

Engaged in prospective customer discovery and initial beta testing to improve current versions of their product

Explore Pages !

A responsive layout for mobile users.


with Love

Who We Be

What We Do




Marketing Assets

Informational Graphics

Enhanced previous design systems, redid messaging, and created new visuals based on user feedback


brand style guide


In healthcare, it is important to visually see the doctor's level of care as well as the sense of ease of the patients. Every image I selected evoked these emotions while also making sure the color palette matched our visual identity.

brand Identity

Working on CareCognitics’ identity was critical. I needed to make sure that credibility and care were at the forefront. Focusing on patient outcomes rather than technological advancement would foster a sense of trust. Lastly, I wanted to make sure that the language used was reflective of an action-oriented and motivating tone. Thus, showcasing the amazing outcomes that CareCognitics is able to provide for its customers.

font Selection

I selected Montserrat primarily for the versatility it provides. The founders adored this font when I introduced it because of the way it creates a sense of narrative. Montserrat is bold and entertaining. So, I used a simpler font, Lato, that is easier on the eye in order to distinguish the heading from the body.



I developed entirely unique assets, icons, and web pages that showcased how CareCognitics is revolutionizing patient care. Their goal was to encourage doctors to use their reward-based systems to incentivize patients to take an active role in their own health. I wanted to be creative on the branding and ensure that the assets incorporated elements from all of their industries.

The artificial intelligence look was intended to demonstrate how technology is advancing in technology through medicine. My objective was to build a powerful brand that was based on loyalty and trust. Lastly, I designed posters, landing pages, and videos outlining the platform and generating new marketing materials. Thus, leading with the target to attract new users, and drive referrals. These campaigns increased patient trust, resulting in better financial outcomes for hospitals and clinics.