Tool to help working individuals stay organized

The Challenge

The TaskBuddy founders approached me after being unsatisfied with the previous firm they hired. They thought their designs weren't conveying their solution as they were too confusing, colorful, and cluttered. This hindered their ability to gain an audience and market their webapp.

I was hired to redesign the branding, product, web pages, and marketing.They wanted everything to be cohesive and have a simple and attractive interface that allows salespeople could keep track of all their cadences in one location.


UI/UX Development

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A responsive layout for mobile users.





Web App UI/UX


Marketing Assets

Social Media Banners

Multiple designs created to constantly update Twitter and LinkedIn banners


brand style guide


brand Identity

TaskBuddy set out to make the lives of working individuals easier.  I ensured that the customer was always at the forefront and permeated throughout the entire brand.  I needed to showcase that their main priority and each decision was made for their success. In order to incorporate my clients' core identities into their designs, I first locked down on their messaging. 

font Selection

Telegraf's emphasis on weight was the primary factor in my decision to use this typography. Telegraf's account becomes more rectangular, which is crucial for responsive design. This font felt purposeful and had a modern grotesk feel that elevated the experience on the webapp.


Starting from scratch, I made the decision to thoroughly research the best strategy for interacting with their new audience. Numerous performance-enhancing applications were available on the current market, but none of them offered all of them in one location. Switching between products for working individuals resulted in a great deal of time wasted. Therefore, I  wanted to showcase that TaskBuddy streamlines the process and incorporate the most beneficial elements of tasks, spreadsheets, and notes into their final product. I was confident that we would have a successful webapp once we could clearly differentiate from the competition. Therefore, the speed and ease of the product were carried throughout my branding and messaging.

I also did a lot of user research to understand that most sales professionals spent the entire day staring at black-and-white screens with dull colors, resulting in lower energy levels. I wanted to add a splash of color to make it interesting and engaging to use the entire day. After the webapp was complete, I designed and developed their website on Webflow, which was able to highlight all the benefits of purchasing their product. This resulted in reviving the brand and providing the founders with a product they could proudly showcase.